A blog about childhood and growing up

Why “childhood for the whole family”? Because no matter what age or stage of life we find ourselves in, childhood is a critical part of how we become who we are, and how we learn to live and experience the world.

It’s never too late to revisit some of the richness of childhood.

Anghelika Elliott Maddalena

is a teacher of children and adults. She loves children, loves life, and is one of those people that can both do it and teach it. Anghelika is currently directing and/or administrating at two parent co-op preschools in and near the Silicon Valley; one in San Carlos, and one in Los Altos, and serves on the state board for the California Council of Parent Participation Preschools. She has served early-childhood communities reaching back to 1990, when she took a job in a preschool classroom on a whim, not entirely sure what she thought of children at the time. She grew to understand that a healthy childhood is the beginning of who we grow into as people, and all her attention is on making childhood meaningful for families and their communities. She has led, designed, developed, pastored, and served children’s programs of all sizes, all the while being the kind of grown-up that children instinctively love. Email Anghelika.

David Maddalena

is married to Anghelika, and has learned from her how to love children well. David is a writer, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, pastor, educator, artist and web developer. He has taught young people and adults around the world, and currently counsels, teaches, and tutors kids and youth of all ages along the San Francisco Peninsula. Email David.